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Grant Smith

Aidan O'Brien

Capital District Hand Therapy

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Stephen VanHoesen

Josh Sanzo

Josh Sanzo is defensive end, linebacker, nose tackle and guard for the Niskayuna Silver Warriors. He has participated in football for his entire high school career. Josh hopes to play football in college.


Nikko Sacks

Nikko Sacks is an inside/outside linebacker for the Niskayuna Silver Warriors Varsity football team. He has been on varsity for 2 years and has been in the Niskayuna football program for 9. Nikko also experiece playing runningback and fullback. Nikko hopes to be an orthopedic surgeon and play football in college.


Chris Herman

Chris Herman is the Niskayuna Silver Warrior's varsity quarterback. Noah Presler Productions created a highlight video for him to send to colleges as a part of the recruiting process. Noah Presler Productions also provided the film for the video. Filming in 720p HD at 60 frames per second or 1080p at 30 frames per second, Noah Presler Productions is the perfect choice for your football highlight video.

Ritz Carlton Hotels

Noah Presler Productions was employed by The Ritz Carlton to make a creative presentation for a formal dinner party. The video was show in front of a large audience with music, stills and video all in incredibly high quality. As with every case, the work was done quickly and to high standards.


Gold's gym and Zumba

Noah Presler Productions was hired by the Zumba Class at Niskayuna's Gold's Gym to film various classes in order for those who attend zumba to watch the videos and learn the routines from home. The videos have over 100,000 views to date.

College Application Wizard

Noah Presler Productions created a commercial for the latest and greatest in the college application process program. Green screen and special effects were used as well as screen recordings and other advanced editing techniques.

Niskayuna Football

Noah Presler Productions films every football game for the Niskayuna Silver Warriors and photographs during halftime and pregame. Each week a play of the week is chosen and posted to this site. Noah Presler Productions is also responsible for the end of the year highlight video.

Niskayuna Wrestling

Noah Presler Productions created and manages the niskayuna wrestling website, and creates the end of the year highlight video presented at the banquet yearly.

Optique Boutique

Noah Presler Productions serves as the webmaster for the Optique Boutique website. Creating and unique pages with researchable content and the perfect connection to the social media sphere.


Noah Presler Productions created and maintains the annpurrna Indian restaurant website. Creating the perfect atmosphere to represent this Indian supermarket